Welcome to Golfer Advisor, this is Alex, founder and chief editor of this site.

I have been playing this lovely game for nine years since my brother introduced me in our local course. I really enjoy spending time with my older brother, Dan, and our golfing buddies playing early-afternoon or weekend foursomes.

Playing with Dan, on the left

I gotta confess that I’m always eager to learn about the mental aspects of the game, those that make the biggest difference, although I have always been drawn to know the ins and outs of golf equipment and gear, staying up to date to the latest releases to hopefully find little improvements.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of the feeling with a new shaft, driver or putter…

What can you expect from Golfer Advisor?

  • You’ll find golf guides and tips to improve your technical and mental game.
  • We’ll also discover and review some of the best (and sometimes underrated) golf courses around the country and give you valuable resources to make your trip unforgettable.
  • And you’ll also find specific buying guides that will assist you in finding the appropriate equipment to maximize your game.

Together, with the golfers we collaborate with, we hope you’ll find value in these pages… I mean, articles 🙂

Very Happy Golfing!